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  2. We Pick Up Your Garments
  3. We Rush Your Garments Back to You


We'll do the legwork for you and keep your clothes sparkling fresh and clean. You can spend your valuable time doing something else.

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I am never home. How do you get my clothes?
No problem. Together we choose a location that meets your needs. Some prefer we enter a side gate and others have fairly secluded entrances, while most people simply use their front porch.

Twice each week you will place your VIP bag at the agreed upon spot by 9:00 am on your route day. We’ll return your clothes the very next route day (usually 3 days) to the same location.

Does it cost more for pick-up and delivery?
No. You pay the exact same price as if you were to bring your garments into our store. No delivery fees are involved. In fact, you can even pick up or drop off an order at our store.

How do I pay?
Each delivery will have an invoice attached. You can choose to have the charges applied to your credit card or we can send you a statement at the end of the month, which you can pay by check or debit / credit card. Either way, we’ll contribute 5% of your charges to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Washington for your first full year of service.

Do you do the cleaning yourself?
Yes. We never let your garments out of our hands. At every point, your garments are handled in our own plant by our personally trained staff. With over 187 years of combined experience in our plant your garments receive the special attention that you would expect and deserve from a Master Dry Cleaner.

Do you clean leather?
Because of the specialized nature of leather cleaning, it requires a facility dedicated strictly to that purpose. This would require that we send your leather garments to a leather cleaner and we would then not have any control over the quality of the outcome. For this reason, we do not accept leather for cleaning or alterations.